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Chuck's Services


As a side hobby I fix computers and photograph and I am based out of Vernon, NY. Since neither one of those services makes a lot of money, I also work at MVCC. Contact me for more info.

If you need your computer fixed, I am willing to do the following:

-Replace hard drives, clean viruses/malware, install new hardware, computer networking and wiring. There's actually a lot of stuff I can do for you at a very reasonable rate.

-I only work locally. Please, if you are in New Zealand and want your computer fixed, you are out of luck -- I ONLY OPERATE LOCALLY TO FIX COMPUTERS - DON'T SEND ME COMPUTERS! Please!

If you need photography, I like to do sports, weddings and showers, architectural, and portraits for a reasonable rate. If it is local (50 mile radius), there is no charge for me to come out. Outside of 50 miles, we can discuss a good rate -- I'm very flexible.

The cost of sports photographs are dependent on what sport. I like to mostly shoot cross country and track. But I've shot all sports.

I will shoot in either 35mm or (or both) DX digital (35mm cropped by 1.6x) at your discretion. I can tell you 35mm will be way more expensive than digital.

I can also do prints, enlargements, and CD/DVD copies for a nominal rate. CD/DVD discs are the cheapest!

One thing I can say, is if it is in climate out, don't expect me to be there. Camera equipment is expensive so please book responsibly.

I also have many examples of my work, if you need proof of my photography skills. My father also went to college for photography and taught me a lot about photography.

Currently I take photos for the SunyIT Cross Country team as a "team" photographer. I do however, go to other meets and venues across NY to take photos. If you are looking for a good action shot of yourself, I might have it in my archive some place.

If you need photographs taken, please feel free to contact me.


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